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All Musicians dream of being signed to a Major Label. Major Labels are looking for one
thing from a group, success on their own! Until a group can display this ability to major
label reps, you will not even be looked at as a viable entity.
What Flying T Records does is equip groups with all the necessary tools to progress
further than they have within the music industry. Meaning we will supply you with the
ammunition to build your group to a point that you are a viable entity to major labels.
Flying T will work with you to make you successful in many areas, promotion,
distribution, attaining a booking agency etc.
Flying T Records utilizes “The Orchard” to accomplish these goals. The Orchard is the
world’s largest distribution company. When a group signs a deal with Flying T Records
we will set you up with a vast array of professional marketing tools all developed by The
Orchard. These tools will utilize The Orchards worldwide network of offices and affiliates,
guaranteeing that what you want seen or heard is delivered on a worldwide basis.

We will make your materials available on all digital platforms that are pertinent to the
music industry. We also market your physical product to worldwide retail companies,
again utilizing the offices and affiliates of The Orchard.
We will work with you to develop your group, but the majority of the work will remain
within the group. Meaning we will educate and assist you in utilizing the tools we supply.
When a group utilizes the tools and knowledge that we provide there is one result,
successful artist development. It will take time to get to a point that your group is
marketable to the major labels, but when we feel you are at this level we will begin to do
just that (shop you to major labels). We have contacts in almost every major label in the
music industry as we have been doing this for over 60 years. This is not all that we will
do for a group either, we will market your musical tracks to television, movies, etc. Often
the sale of an individual track can be as profitable as, or even more profitable than the
group’s yearly gross income.
Flying T Records is a new label division within an extremely successful music group, the
HSR Music Group. The HSR Music Group owns and operates dozens of record labels,
and has thousands of successful releases on the market today. The reason we are
pointing this out is to show you that we have been successful and are continually
growing. These facts also should demonstrate that we have the experience and contacts
to aid groups in all areas of their development.

Thanks for your Interest.
Worldwide distribution for your material !
Flying T Records utilizes "The Orchard" for all of our releases.